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How many stories are lost from this photo?

Updated: Aug 19, 2018

We all have photos in our attics and basements with relatives long gone. Each person in this photo has a lifetime of stories that future generations of their family may never know. Hopefully this family has descendants who know some of these stories and can retell them for future generations. This is the reason we founded Stories To Keep - to enable families to create a video legacy - a family documentary - of their loved ones - grandparents, patriarchs, matriarchs and family historians - telling in first person all the wonderful stories of their life for you to keep in your family forever as a gift to future generations and to maintain their legacy forever.

Think about the missing links in your family - ancestors you don't know anything about. Then think of your elderly relatives - perhaps your mom or dad, grandmother or grandfather - whose stories you still have the opportunity to capture on video in their own words.  These are stories you've heard your whole life that mean so much to you.  What better way to honor those you love so much? 

Whose stories would you love to have forever? Perhaps it's a spouse celebrating a milestone - a major birthday, the sale of a business, a professional accomplishment - that you are so proud of and want memorialized for future generations. Perhaps it's a parent, a silver or golden anniversary. Whoever the storytellers are that you would love to have in a family documentary, the most important message is, "Don't Wait!" Life is short and so often we hear, "I wish I had thought to do that while dad or mom was still here."

Whose stories do you want to keep? Call us today at (914) 648-4111 or email

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